4 Reasons to wear custom made jewelry

Custom made jewelry has been made and worn since ancient times. Everyone of us has a picture in their mind of a queen for instance, wearing a great golden crown encrusted with gems and a massive sparkly necklace.

So why has jewelry been so important even for the ancient people? How did it develop and turned into big industry?

The questions do not have one particular answer, the reasons can be so numerous and diverse. However, the outcome is that nowadays we do appreciate more the custom made jewelry and we will have a look at the 4 biggest reasons to wear custom made jewelry.

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For that special someone

When you think of jewelry, do you imagine getting it for yourself or do you actually think of getting it for someone you love and appreciate? Well, believe it or not, but most people actually think of their loved ones first. Now, imagine not just any kind of jewelry, but a custom made one. Way better, right? The top reason people wear custom made jewelry is because it is a gift from a loved one and it contains a special message or brings to mind a special moment. What is a better way to express your feelings towards that special person? Not only that the custom made jewelry itself is a unique gift which always speaks about love and appreciation, but when it is custom made, it describes even better the message and emotions put into it.  Yeah, it feels great to be able to wear custom made jewelry, take a quick look at it while you are out and about and bring up that lovely memory of a person or a moment that can change your mood in a split of a second.

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Make a statement

Everyone wants not only to send a message to society about their social status or the period they are in at the moment, but also make a statement about their personality. What is a better way to show your nature to others, than by using a custom made jewelry and without the need to even utter a single word? People like showing off their creativeness or power, and what is a better way to do so than by wearing  custom made jewelry? This is always valid for wealthy people and people who possess a high rank in society.  They are the first ones to make a statement by delicately showing expensive custom made jewelry. As we said about ancient times, the crown is one of the emblematic examples of making a statement for wealth and power. Nowadays crowns are simply custom made jewelry and accessories.


Fashion is a powerful worldwide industry, it can dictate if you are going to be wearing custom made jewelry, but the thing is, custom made will never go out of fashion. Tricky and smart at the same time, isn’t it. Here, I have to mention that even people who have never been excited about fashion, do get excited about custom made jewelry, or there are cases where custom made jewelry has gotten people into fashion.


Last, but not least is the quality. What pops into mind when you think about custom made jewelry? You guessed it right…quality! Obviously, when you talk about jewelry, you do imagine something expensive, but when it comes to custom made jewelry, not only the materials are expensive, but the fact that everything is handmade somehow speaks of high quality. Not only am I referring to the big brands in the industry, but also to a small craft shops. You can already imagine that the big jewelry house do work with top quality precious metals and gemstones coming from all over the world, but even when it comes to the smaller shops, the materials used are of high quality, the designs are usually unique and the jewelry is made with love and passion.

In conclusion, I would ask if you really need a reason to wear custom made jewelry? If you do, then I have given you four. I also hope that with this article I have given you not only four reasons on why to wear custom made jewelry, but I also hope to have provoked you to think of more reasons and find the one that better suits your personality. I also hope that everyone of us has the chance to receive custom made jewelry as a gift, as this is one of the greatest feelings of love and appreciation. I wish everyone of us to embrace the idea of making a statement and showing of our personality by wearing custom made jewelry. It is a very delicate and exquisite way to communicate with the others, but most of all it is something to make you happy.

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